Great Expectations

When I was in school, I was in a class of about forty students and five teachers. There were other classes of about forty students and five teachers. And they used to love me. They said I was destined to be a great scientist. Sadly that didn't work out. What worked out was me in... Continue Reading →


Tune tatti nahi kri?

Gross humour follows. Tatti is slang for shit in my language- O great tatti Do not escape into my chaddi You are so witty You roam in the sewage of my city People also call you potti but you cause constipation in my tummy I was playing rummy You sent farts messages to mummy Now... Continue Reading →

Music Class

I was given four senses. I'm not blind, I'm not deaf, I enjoy salt and I take pride in smelling food. I especially like music though, its rhythm, the pattern it follows, the melody that ensues. I met him at the music class. Blue eyes, one tooth peering out of his lip. That little imperfection... Continue Reading →


Finally. Here you are. I was looking for you. It is important. Listen, can we talk? Yeah. Of course. Yep he's an arse. Right, that thing I wanted to talk about. Umm, how do I say it? No don't look at me like that! I got a call from him. He wants to see you.... Continue Reading →

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