A certain mammal (pictured below) has lodged complaints of impersonation. When questioned about the incident, he seemed very angry "Graaaawhhhh, wraaaahhhhwraaa kraaa. Braakkraaaa jaaaaa." This most appropriately translates to "I love squirrels" or "you will die you son of a bitch". When pointed out that dinosaurs are actually sons of lizards he suggested: "Gawr, jwarrara" roughly meaning... Continue Reading →


The Ritual of Chances

Read carefully. Do not blink. Clear your mind. Or you may not make it on time. Because it is an art. No anky panky doodum has accomplished it in the first attempt. It requires knowledge, news updates, and experience. There are those who can teach you, but this mystic area cannot be trodden upon by... Continue Reading →

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